Where your money goes

Hearing Dogs for Deaf People receives no government funding and relies solely on the generosity of individuals and organisations to fund its work. We keep our administrative costs as low as possible and are extremely fortunate to have the generous support of 100s of volunteers nationwide without whom we simply could not function.

Every donation we receive goes to fund the breeding and training of hearing dog puppies, handling applications for hearing dogs, support and continuous training of current hearing dog partnerships and essential costs for fundraising and proper financial management. Here are some examples of how your money goes to help our work:

£10 pays for a selection of essential training aids for our hearing dogs and puppies.

£20 supports a soundwork training session where a hearing dog learns key sounds and danger signals.

£30 provides a hearing dog with its distinctive jacket and lead slip bringing visibility to an otherwise invisible disability.

£80 pays for a hearing dog puppy ‘starter pack’ including bed, crate, toys, collar, lead and training aids.

£100 buys training equipment for The Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Awards that ensure hearing dogs have excellent behaviour.

£500 provides a whelping pen giving hearing dog mums the best possible environment to raise the next generation of hearing dogs.

£1,000 pays for agility equipment including weave poles, seesaw, table top, tunnels and A-frame to keep dogs in training fit and healthy.

£2,000 supports a new hearing dog partnership for a year.

If you would like to make a donation to Hearing Dogs please click here.