Sponsor a puppy: Vesper

Sponsor hearing dog puppy Vesper for just £3 a month and you’ll receive a fantastic welcome pack, four printed updates of her journey, and exclusive updates in our Puppy Pen blog.

Sex: Female
Breed: Labrador
Colour: Black

Meet Vesper: Our soft, gentle little lady

Vesper is adorable.

She loves spending time with her toys, gently chewing them until she falls asleep in them. She also likes shoes. Don’t leave them on the floor – she’ll grab one because shoes are very exciting things for a puppy. And she loves being in the garden, running around just having a great time like all puppies should.

She won’t notice your shoes though, if it’s time for food. She won’t even play in the garden or chew her toys if it’s time for food. This is because she’s a little Labrador and they’ll do anything for a full food bowl.

Vesper’s favourite friend is her half-brother Flash. They play with each other all day, and then when it’s sleepy time, Vesper falls asleep in Flash’s warm, comfortable bed – or, if Flash made it there first, she falls asleep on Flash. It doesn’t matter, he’s warm and comfortable too…

So she has a mischievous side, and a fun side, but really Vesper is a soft, gentle little lady, ready for cuddles, snuggles and strokes.

Training progress: Gently does it…

In training, we have full-on puppies who go for it, and mischievous puppies who like to be a bit naughty, but Vesper stands out as the calm, sweet-natured girl who takes it all in. There’s no fuss, no drama, it’s just a nice, gentle puppy class as far as Vesper’s concerned. We think this means she’s going to do really well. There’s a deaf person out there somewhere who, one day, will snuggle up to Vesper and just know that she’s going to help them regain the confidence to be part of the world around them once again.

How will Vesper’s gentle nature help her with training? Will she always love chewing toys and running away with shoes? Will she ever stop playing in the garden? Sponsor Vesper today and find out!

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