Sponsor a puppy: Tyson

Sponsor hearing dog puppy Tyson for just £3 a month and you’ll receive a fantastic welcome pack, four printed updates of his journey, and exclusive updates in our Puppy Pen blog.

Gender: Male
Breed: Cocker Spaniel
Colour: Blue Roan

Sponsor Tyson: A little puppy with an enormous spirit

There’s no stopping Tyson. He’ll keep on going… but not necessarily in a straight line.

This optimistic little puppy is always moving on up. Jennifer, the volunteer who’s looking after him, tells us: “He can jump up onto our garden sleepers, and he’s also starting to master getting up and down stairs. He adores the window cleaner – we suspect he wants to climb his ladder!”

The window cleaner happens to be deaf. He’s as fascinated by Tyson, and how he’ll help deaf people reconnect with life, as Tyson is by the window cleaner.

His adventuresome spirit is matched only by his clumsiness! Jennifer laughs: “He’s not quite grown into his legs so he’s very uncoordinated. Tyson doesn’t understand the concept of straight lines yet. We are never on the same side of a telegraph pole. How is that possible?”

It’s possible because he’s a puppy! One day, Tyson will understand that it’s better to go around the same side of the pole. Until then, it’s another cute detail about this cute Cocker Spaniel.

Training progress: Already stepping out

Tyson loves his puppy classes but is already venturing out into the world with Jennifer. “Tyson has visited a garden centre, a library and a bank,” she tells us proudly. It’s wonderful to know that Tyson will be able to accompany a deaf person wherever they want to go. Jennifer smiles: “Every task and activity is an exciting adventure for this little puppy. Nothing deters his enormous, cheerful spirit.”

How did we shoehorn so much character into such a small puppy? Will Tyson always be like a bull in a china shop (albeit a very soft, cuddly bull)? Will the window cleaner become his bestest friend? Sponsor Tyson today and find out!

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