Sponsor a puppy: Robyn

Sponsor hearing dog puppy Robyn from just £3 a month and you’ll receive a fantastic welcome pack, four printed updates of her journey, and exclusive updates in our Puppy Pen blog.

Gender: Female
Breed: Labrador
Colour: Black
Likes: Slippers
Dislikes: Brooms

Sponsor Robyn: Food-loving, fast, and furious!

All our sponsor puppies enjoy eating, but it’s Robyn’s favourite pastime. She gets so excited by food that she makes a funny snuffling, snorting sound when she’s tucking into her bowl. We’re not sure whether it’s closer to a steam train, a helicopter or a piglet, but it’s an astonishing noise from such a little pup!

Robyn is being looked after by volunteers Guy and Heather, who tell us all about her: “Robyn likes attacking the broom! She chases it around, trying to defend her home from this marauding villain. She loves our slippers and very rarely allows us to wear them both at the same time.”

But she balances being slightly cheeky, with being very bright. “It’s clear that she has beauty and brains,” says Heather. “I’d describe her as ‘fast and furious, bright and beautiful!’”

We couldn’t have put it better ourselves, and it’s clear Robyn is in the right place. One day, she’ll help a deaf person to leave loneliness behind. It’s an incredible journey, and one that you can support.

Training progress: Focus, focus, focus

Puppy Training Instructor Nicola is impressed already. “She’s very focused, and a quick learner. She can ‘sit’ and ‘stay’ which is amazing for such a young puppy.” So, as well as being fast and furious, bright and beautiful, it looks like she might be a training superstar. It’s very unusual for a young pup to have such laser focus. All she needs is the support of a kind person like you to help her on her way.

Will Robyn always have such amazing focus? Or will she get a bit distracted by brooms and slippers? How beautiful and brainy will she become? And who will she eventually help to leave behind the isolation that deafness can sometimes bring? Sponsor Robyn today and find out!

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