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Date of Birth: 12 November 2017
Sex: Male
Breed: Labrador
Colour: Yellow

Meet Otto: The brightest, softest, squidgiest puppy

Otto most definitely has that ‘spark’ we look for in our hearing dog puppies. You can see it in his eyes: they sparkle and twinkle because he’s a happy, clever puppy…

Yes, Otto is our ‘bright little boy’, as his volunteer puppy socialisers call him. He’s already shown that he can learn very, very quickly. His trainer ticked off several exercises on his very first puppy class!

And he’s so very handsome too. He’s always getting comments on his amazing looks – sturdy, strong, but supple too. This is perhaps because he enjoys bouncing around so much! He’s all rubber and springs, a bouncy little boy as well as bright!

So, he has the looks and temperament of a real superstar. But really, he’s still a lovely little puppy, who adores sniffing out his toys, playing with friends, and having snuggles. Again, his volunteer puppy socialisers say it best: “He’s the brightest, softest, squidgiest pup you could ever imagine!”

Training progress: Exceptional

That’s really the only way to describe his progress. From day one, he’s been an amazing learner. He’s already mastered the basics – sit, down, coming back when called – and it’s all looking very promising for this bright boy. He’s an alert, intelligent character, eager to take it all in because the world is a wonderful place when you’re a hearing dog sponsor puppy!

Will Otto continue to be top of his puppy training class? How big will he grow? Will his colouring change, or will he continue to be a stunning cream shade of yellow? Sponsor Otto today and find out!

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