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Date of Birth: 21 December 2016
Sex: Male
Breed: Cockapoo
Colour: Apricot

Meet Nutmeg: Our affectionate, not-so-little explorer

Nutmeg was by quite some way the biggest in his litter. In fact, it’s fair to say that he’s a very big boy, much bigger than his five brothers and one sister. As well as his size, he was also recognisable by his colouring: apricot, with a white chin and chest, and a white ‘splodge’ on his nose.

Now he’s grown a little, he’s shown that he’s a real adventurer. Nutmeg is always looking for places to explore, around the house, in the garden. It doesn’t matter where, because he’s so very bold. He’s also extremely affectionate, so when the exploring ends, the fuss and attention begins! Although sometimes he stops mid-adventure for a snooze. He particularly likes falling asleep with his head hanging out of the play tunnel.

He loves his food, so he’s growing, and growing, and growing. His mum adored her food too, so perhaps it runs in the family? One thing we’re fairly sure about: our affectionate, not-so-little explorer might soon become an affectionate large explorer!

Training progress: It’s all a big adventure

Nutmeg’s fearless character means he can just go for it as far as training is concerned. Lots of pups around him? No problem. Introduction to new places and faces? Bring it on. Nutmeg regards it all as a wonderful adventure, and every day he grows, the world opens up to him. We’re so looking forward to seeing how this intrepid pup will develop, and one day change a deaf person’s life.

How will Nutmeg’s big adventure develop? Will his bold, plucky character help him learn more quickly? Will he always love his food? Will he ever stop growing? Sponsor Nutmeg today and find out!

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