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Gender: Male
Breed: Cocker Spaniel
Colour: Chocolate Roan
Likes: Sleeping, food, his hair scrunchie toy
Dislikes: Being discovered under the curtains

Sponsor Luca: Snoozy one moment, up and running the next

Luca loves to snooze. He goes into a deep sleep next to one of his toys, nose twitching, little puppy sides going in and out. His Volunteer Puppy Trainer Louise tells us: “He likes to hide behind the long curtains to sleep. In the evenings, when we’re all in the lounge, he pulls the sofa blanket down and snoozes under it. He emits little snuffles and snores – it’s so cute!”

When he wakes up however, it’s a different story for a different puppy! He’s so confident, tail wagging excitedly, exploring everywhere. Socks, boxes, boxes of socks, watering cans, they’re all fascinating to Luca. Louise laughs: “He loves stealing things. Any stolen bounty is whisked away to a corner in the conservatory and stockpiled.”

While he’s awake, life revolves around food and toys. He was the biggest in his litter, and was initially quite a chunky boy, because food is one of his ‘hobbies’. But toys are really Luca’s favourite pastime. Of all the toys in all the world, Luca’s favourite is… a hair scrunchie. “He loves chewing his toys but he takes great care of the scrunchie,” Louise tells us. “He carries it around with him everywhere.”

He’s such a character – snoozy one moment, up and running the next. One day he’s going to help a deaf person to leave loneliness behind and reconnect with life. Right now however, he’s a puppy who needs your help!

Training progress: Stay awake, Luca!

Luca’s Puppy Training Instructor Nicola adores him. “He’s such a cuddly, loving little pup,” she says. “He’s very responsive to training. He started off only being able to focus for 20 minutes before he fell asleep in class! He can now do a whole class, no problem.” He’s so quick to pick things up – whether it’s training, or toys! We think he’s going to be a real champion. All he needs is your support to see him through his training journey.

Will Luca become more snoozy as he grows, or more active? Will the hair scrunchie always be his favourite toy or will he eventually chew that to bits too? And whose life will he turn around, helping a deaf person to reconnect with the world around them? Sponsor Luca today and find out!

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