Sponsor a puppy: Libby

Sponsor hearing dog puppy Libby for just £3 a month and you’ll receive a fantastic welcome pack, four printed updates of her journey, and exclusive updates in our Puppy Pen blog.

Sex: Female
Breed: Cocker Spaniel
Colour: Black and white ticked

Meet Libby: A little Spaniel with a big appetite for food and fun!

When she was a really young puppy, this mischievous Spaniel’s favourite game was playing hide-and-seek with her brothers and sisters. It didn’t matter what everyone else wanted to do – snooze, cuddle, eat, snooze some more… she just wouldn’t take ‘woof’ for an answer. If Libby wanted to play hide-and-seek, that’s what everyone else had to do too.

Since leaving her puppy family, this headstrong little girl has replaced hide-and-seek with… food. She loves her food. She adores her food. She even loves her food bowl. When it’s empty she picks it up and carries it around making as much noise as she can with it, as if to say “Please may I have some more?”

It’s difficult to resist. Her lovely black and white markings make her eyes especially appealing. Let your guard down for a second, and the next thing you know, you’ve somehow become a puppy yourself, and you’re playing hide-and-seek…

Training progress: Playful is wonderful

We want our puppies to think of training as playing. So, given that little Libby loves to play, she’s thoroughly enjoying training! She’s as bright as a button, doing so well with ‘sit’ and ‘wait’, and already growing in confidence among other people and animals. We have high hopes for her becoming an amazing hearing dog and helping a deaf person take part in life again.

How headstrong is Libby? Will she always be a playful little girl, or will she calm down? Will she always be able to charm people with those beautiful dark eyes? Sponsor Libby today and find out!

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