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Sponsor hearing dog puppy Kai for just £3 a month and you’ll receive a fantastic welcome pack, four printed updates of his journey, and exclusive updates in our Puppy Pen blog.

Gender: Male
Breed: Labrador
Colour: Black

Meet Kai: A mischievous monkey of a puppy

Kai is a black Lab with a huge personality for such a little pup.

He’s so full of character: meal times are great fun, as he hops around excitedly on his sturdy puppy paws. Then when he’s finished his meal, he chases his bowl round the kitchen.

But he’s also a very well-behaved puppy. It just takes a ‘wait’ from his volunteer puppy socialiser Sharon, and he’ll wait patiently for his food. That’s not easy for any Labrador, let alone a young pup.

His favourite place to sleep is under Sharon’s feet while she’s watching TV, and his favourite sleeping position is upside-down, of course.

Sharon says: “He's an endearing, mischievous monkey of a puppy, and we love him!”

Training progress: Think first, then go for it

Kai really enjoys his training class, not least because Kookie, his sister, also attends his puppy classes. Everyone loves his cheeky character, so he gets plenty of attention and praise when he does something right. He’s already showing great promise as a hearing dog whose colourful character will help a deaf person leave loneliness behind and reconnect with life.

Will Kai always chase his bowl around the kitchen? Do we even want him to, it’s such fun to see? How will this character’s training journey end? Sponsor Kai today and find out!

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