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Date of Birth: 3 June 2017
Sex: Female
Breed: Cockapoo
Colour: Apricot

Meet Juno: One big fluffy bundle of love

Take the playfulness of a Cocker Spaniel, the intelligence of a Poodle, throw in a large spoonful of Cockapoo love, and you get… Juno!

She’s a confident Cockapoo, the biggest from her litter of seven, mostly apricot with a white chin, chest and toes. You can see the toes especially when she runs around and flashes them at you – and she certainly does plenty of running around!

While Juno is a confident puppy, she looks more like a teddy bear. She has eyes like big brown buttons and a little black nose, and tufty bits all over that feel like silk. One day she’ll have those tufts trimmed. Until then, we’ll all just enjoy how cute and cuddly they make her.

Why do we think Juno will make a great hearing dog? Because she’s really sociable. She just loves everyone, and is happy to receive love right back. One day, a deaf person who has a Juno-shaped hole in their life will be matched with her, and have a confident, cute, cuddly Cockapoo to look after them!

Training progress: All you need is love

Juno just loves… everything! She loves chasing bits of scrunched-up paper, which is the ‘spark’ we noticed when she was a very young puppy. She thoroughly enjoys puppy classes, where she gets to meet other bright little pups. She adores treats and fussing, all of which go towards helping her learn to become a hearing dog. So, she’s doing really well and, with your help, will continue to do well and love every minute!

Will Juno’s confidence help her learn? Or will her affectionate nature be the key? Will she lose her silky teddy-bear tufts or keep them as she grows up? Sponsor Juno today and find out!

Watch Juno's video: 

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