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Date of Birth: 18 December 2016
Sex: Female
Breed: Cocker Spaniel
Colour: Gold

Meet Jade: Fast forward, no reverse!

Jade is not backward in coming forward! She’s a real extrovert. We could tell very early on: she was the most forward pup in her litter of three sisters and two brothers. Even at an early age she was the first to demand a fuss, the first to roll on her back for a tummy tickle, and the first to find her ‘woof’.

Golden Spaniels are so very attractive, and our Jade is no exception. She’s extremely pretty, with white patches on her nose and belly. She adores having belly rubs, and it’s no surprise that she gets plenty of them!

When we asked her proud mum’s owners how they’d describe her, they said “Look at me... belly rub?” This sums up our adorable Jade so well. An outgoing personality one moment, and an affectionate character the next! And always, always on the go. All forward, no reverse – that’s our Jade!

Training progress: Fast forward, no reverse – again!

She’s such a bright little thing. Jade absolutely loves puppy class. She’s totally in her element around other pups, and she finds it all so stimulating. As she is taught to focus, she’ll bring all this energy and intelligence to bear on the person she’s with, and this will make her an exceptional hearing dog. She’s so loving, and so giving, she’ll be a deaf person’s best friend one day.

How will Jade’s character develop? Will she mellow out, or always be a pocket rocket? What else will she be first to do? Sponsor Jade today and find out!

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