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Date of Birth: 17.02.14
Sex: Male
Breed: Labrador
Colour: Black
Currently living with: Socialising volunteer, Elaine, in the Southampton area


Iker is a gorgeous, lively Labrador who has settled very well with volunteer puppy socialiser Elaine, her husband and teenage daughter.

Iker is already sleeping through the night and has just learnt to manage the stairs by himself. He doesn’t have a favourite toy yet but loves to play ‘tug’ whenever someone is around. He’s learning to settle and wait – helped along by a chewy treat.

Elaine’s family also socialised Iker’s mum Maggie and they can see lots of similarities between the two – Iker has inherited her sweet nature.

Gorgeous Iker loves getting lots of cuddles, especially when he’s a little bit sleepy. And unsurprisingly he has no shortage of people willing to give them! He likes nothing better than getting cosy in front of the telly with his new family.

Training Progress:  

Iker has already learned to sit and he comes bounding in from the garden in response to a whistle from Elaine because – as a typical Labrador – he’s hoping for a tasty morsel!

From an early age Iker has been introduced to lots of different environments and experiences, like taking trips in the car and going to the park. He will get to visit even bigger places – like busy towns and shops – as he grows.

Over the next few months Iker will continue with his early training. Sponsor him now and you can find out more in his first puppy update.

Watch Iker's video: 

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