Sponsor a puppy: Harvey

Sponsor hearing dog puppy Harvey for just £3 a month and you’ll receive a fantastic welcome pack, four printed updates of his journey, and exclusive updates in our Puppy Pen blog.

Gender: Male
Breed: Cockapoo (Cocker Spaniel and Mini Poodle cross)
Colour: Brown

Sponsor Harvey: Crouching tiger, hidden puppy

“He likes to cover himself in his bedding so that he is well hidden. Once up however, he makes himself known, being rather a determined little puppy.”

This is how Sue, Harvey’s Volunteer Puppy Trainer, describes him. It seems he’s a master of the dark arts – lying in wait, hidden, unseen, then attacking hapless intruders, whether they be slippers, tennis balls or cardboard boxes.

Or, indeed, raindrops. “He is completely unfazed by the rain, however torrential, and has tried to catch raindrops in his mouth.”

Or, indeed, his own tail. “He has taken to chasing his tail and, having caught it, will walk sideways with it in his mouth.”

This is so cute. Harvey is a little ninja but, it seems, isn’t quite world-wise enough yet to understand that the waggly thing behind him is his own tail. With Sue’s help he will find out about the world around him. Then, he will help a deaf person to reconnect with life. It’s an amazing training journey, which you can follow, but it starts with tails in mouths and fun with raindrops.

Training progress: Absolutely everything is fascinating

Harvey is already showing what an inquisitive little personality he is. In puppy class he wants to learn everything – how to sit, wait, and stay. Being an excitable puppy however, he also wants to do everything – run around, meet puppy pals, and have snuggles. This is fine. It’s early days, and we want him to explore his ‘puppyness’ to the full. Then, he’ll grow into an amazing hearing dog and quite simply utterly transform the life of a deaf person.

Will Harvey ever understand what his tail is really for? Will he get over the excitement of raindrops? Which deaf person will he help to leave loneliness behind and reconnect with life? Sponsor Harvey today and find out!

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