Sponsor a puppy: Gwen

Sponsor hearing dog puppy Gwen for just £3 a month and you’ll receive a fantastic welcome pack, four printed updates of her journey, and exclusive updates in our Puppy Pen blog.

Gender: Female
Breed: Cocker Spaniel
Colour: Gold and white

Sponsor Gwen: Our very cute little hot cross bun!

Gwen was the first puppy to be born in her litter, and immediately stuck out because she resembled a very cute hot cross bun! Just the same size, shape and colouring – and just as sweet, obviously.

Charlotte, who looked after Gwen in her first weeks, tells us: “Gwen was always the first to seek out new toys and play with them.” Colin, who is the volunteer looking after Gwen now, says: “Gwen insists on getting ALL her toys out of the box, and playing with them before crashing out in her bed.”

So, we get the message: she loves toys! According to Charlotte, her favourite toy was a pink bunny, but Colin says she’s progressed to an empty plastic water bottle.

What else does this little sweet and spicy bundle like? Here’s a list: grandchildren, Amazon delivery men, tortoises, cardboard boxes, toilet roll tubes, hide-and-seek, cuddles, and walking all over her brothers and sisters to wake them up for playtime!

She’s curious as well as cute, and likes to check situations out before jumping into them. One day this curious, cute, playful puppy will help a deaf person to reconnect with life. We can’t wait to see her training journey towards that day.

Training progress: Cheeky and charming

It didn’t take Gwen long to show how bright she is. The key is treats. Colin tells us: “She learned to sit at eight weeks old with the prompt of a treat. Now, whenever she decides she needs a treat, she assumes the position on her own initiative and hopes!”

So it seems she’s also a tiny bit cheeky. Or is it charming? Or both? Either way, she’s a hot cross bun that is rising nicely!

What other types of baking products will Gwen resemble as she grows? A hearty wholewheat loaf maybe, or a light, delicate brioche? Will she always be very, very, very keen on toys? Will this be key to her training, or her love of treats? Sponsor Gwen today and find out!

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