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Gender: Female
Breed: Cockapoo (Cocker Spaniel and Poodle cross)
Colour: Black
Likes: Climbing, trouser legs, shoes, socks, flower beds, feathers, bees and the washing machine
Dislikes: Anything flat (because she can’t climb it!)

Sponsor Feather: The little mountaineer

When we asked Feather’s Volunteer Puppy Trainers Sylvia and Alan what Feather is like, the reply came back immediately: “She loves climbing.”

“As soon as she came to live with us, she started going up and down the stairs. She climbs onto boxes in the garage. She climbs onto the pots on the patio.”

So that’s it then: she’s a little mountaineer! Maybe this is part of her determined character: to ascend, to go up in the world, to become an amazing hearing dog that helps a deaf person reconnect with the world around them.

What else does she like? “Playing with trouser legs. Racing through the flower beds. Running after bees in the garden. Watching the washing machine go round and round. Shoes. Slippers.” It seems little Feather is a puppy of many parts!

But no description of Feather would be complete without mention of those lovely markings on her face and chest that look like, well, a feather! And would you believe it, according to Sylvia: “One of her favourite things is to play with a feather.”

So, it’s feathers all round with Feather.

And finally, is she adorable? “Oh yes,” they laugh. “She is very adorable and cute!”

Training progress: Onward and upward

Feather’s training is coming along really well. Sylvia and Alan have made sure she achieves all her puppy training stages, which is brilliant, especially during lockdown. So, she can already do her ‘wait’ and ‘stay’ and is a very well-behaved little girl. Like we said: she’s a climber, always on the up! It also seems that she’s a friendly character: “When we go out, she really wants to greet people and other dogs which she can’t do yet because of social distancing.” One day she will be able to do all this and more, and then we’ll be talking about friendly Feather as well as mountaineering Feather.

How will Feather’s dynamic personality help her through her training journey? Will she keep on climbing? Will she ever tire of trouser legs, shoes, socks, flower beds, feathers, bees and the washing machine? And which deaf person will she help to leave loneliness behind? Sponsor Feather today and find out!

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