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Gender: Male
Breed: Labrador
Colour: Chocolate
Likes: Sleeping, especially in other dogs’ beds
Dislikes: Being woken up when he’s especially snuggly

Sponsor Elton: The affectionate sleepy-head

Elton knows what he wants. He adores sleeping. When we asked David, his Volunteer Puppy Trainer, he told us: “Elton loves sleeping in my other dog’s bed! He also loves sleeping on an old cushion and, oddly enough, in his puppy tunnel. When he’s awake, he’s so full of love. When he’s asleep he’s so cute!”

David’s own dog is called Polly, a beautiful black Lab, and she’s Elton’s best friend, although we’re not sure Polly is quite aware of that yet. Elton keeps trying to get her to play with him – putting his chin on the floor, little Labrador bottom in the air, and looking as adorable as possible. Polly’s seen it all before of course, and wanders off, but that’s no problem: he just jumps up and plays with her tail anyway.

Oh, and nothing bothers Elton. Absolutely nothing. When David is hoovering Polly’s bed quilt, Elton will actually get onto it and curl up to snooze!

It’s a wonderful start for Elton. He has a great volunteer looking after him, and a big, best friend in Polly even if, as we said, Polly doesn’t know it.

And how would David sum up Elton? He laughs: “An affectionate sleepy-head!” That’ll do for us!

Training progress: Star pupil

David is so proud of Elton already, telling us: “Elton is a bit of a star pupil, well ahead on his training schedule. He’s pretty laid back when encountering new things. He is very happy to be with humans and very trusting.”

During the Coronavirus lockdown, they have kept each other entertained – and yes, even Polly has found Elton fun. With innovative one-to-one videoconferencing and virtual puppy training classes, they’re all doing really well and making a fabulous team. It’s a great start for a star!

Will Elton eventually prefer sleeping in his own bed? Will Polly ever relent and accept that yes, Elton is her best doggy friend? How will Elton maintain his status as star pupil? And how will his training journey end, helping a deaf people to leave loneliness behind? Sponsor Elton today and find out!

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