Sponsor a puppy: Daisy

Sponsor hearing dog puppy Daisy from just £3 a month and you’ll receive a fantastic welcome pack, four printed updates of her journey, and exclusive updates in our Puppy Pen blog.

Gender: Female
Breed: Cockapoo (Cocker Spaniel and Poodle cross)
Colour: Apricot
Likes: Snuggles, snoozes, puppy piles
Dislikes: Having nothing to do

Sponsor Daisy: The mummy’s girl

Daisy, Daisy… was named after her mum!

She’s just as cuddly as mum. All puppies love cuddles, of course, but Daisy really, really loves them, like mummy Daisy did when she was a puppy. She snuggles into you and, if you let her, she’ll have a little puppy-doze there too, all soft and snoozy.

Our Daisy however is much smaller than mum. She was the smallest in her litter, which led our breeding team to describe her as ‘wonderfully pocket-sized’! At birth, she loved to be bottom of the puppy pile snuggle. At eight weeks she weighed the same as two bags of sugar, but twice as sweet, obviously.

Since then she’s grown, but she’s still small and perfectly formed. However, she more than makes up for her small stature with her big personality. She will happily trot around with confidence, tail up, nosing around to find out what’s what.

Now that she’s living with a Volunteer Puppy Trainer, she’s about to start an amazing training journey, helping a deaf person to leave loneliness behind. But all journeys start somewhere, and within fifteen minutes of meeting Daisy, her volunteer described her as ‘a beautiful fidget with a feisty temperament’. It’s clearly the start of a beautiful friendship…

Training progress: All for the love of you

It’s very early Daisy… sorry, start again… it’s very early days, but we think Daisy has a great future. Her cuddliness might be the key: she’ll soon learn that, if she does the ‘right’ thing in training, cuddles and tummy-rubs will come her way. She combines the sensitivity of a Cocker Spaniel with the intelligence of a Poodle, and we love her for it.

Is it possible for Daisy to be any cuter? Will she have a growth spurt, or always be a small, perfectly formed little flower? How will her feistiness help her learn to become an amazing hearing dog? And which deaf person will she help to reconnect with life? Sponsor Daisy today and find out!

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