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Date of Birth: 18 March 2017
Sex: Female
Breed: Cocker Spaniel
Colour: Brown and White

Meet Cookie: Try and try again!

Cookie is determined. She’s determined to jump onto furniture, even when she’s not supposed to. She’s dead set on pinching tissues from handbags or pockets. And there’s no way she’s going to let anyone, or any pup, get more attention than her.

She’s one of a litter of five and, judging by the size of her feet, we think she might grow into a fine figure of a hearing dog. When she visited a garden centre for the first time recently she got lots of attention, and absolutely loved it. Now, visits anywhere take twice as long because of all the attention and fussing!

It’s just as well she’s not easily disheartened, because she hasn’t quite got the hang of her legs yet, and can be a bit clumsy. So, instead of going around objects and people, her instinct is just to go through them. She’s like a bull in a china shop, although a very soft, cute little bull.

Training progress: Do I really have to wait?

Cookie’s sits and ‘downs’ are coming on very well, but wait is a different matter – life is too much fun and not for waiting! This is fine: we want our puppies to, well, be puppies after all. Plenty of praise and treats, combined with Cookie’s natural curiosity and intelligence, will all come together to help her become a wonderful hearing dog.

Will Cookie’s visits to garden centres just take longer and longer the cuter she gets? Will she learn that it’s better to run around objects than through them? Or that tissues aren’t toys? How will her determined, feisty character help her become a hearing dog? Sponsor Cookie today and find out!

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