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Sponsor a puppy: Berry

Find out about sponsoring new hearing dog puppy Berry from just £3 a month, and help Hearing Dogs for Deaf People continue its important work.

Date of Birth: 22.06.14
Sex: Male
Breed: Cocker Spaniel and Miniature Poodle cross (Cockerpoo)
Colour: Black
Currently living with: Socialising volunteer, Ron and Sue

Meet Berry: 

Berry is a gorgeous, soft black ball of curls! He is one of a litter of six puppies and he stood out as being a bold puppy with bundles of character.

At eight weeks old Berry went to live with his volunteer socialisers – Ron and Sue – who have looked after many hearing dog puppies over the years they have volunteered for us. They have two dogs of their own – Oliver, an 11-year-old English Setter and Bella, a 10-year-old mongrel. Both have taken a strong liking to Berry, who absolutely loves the company of the ‘big dogs’.

Berry has settled in nicely at Ron and Sue’s. He’s been sleeping through the night and he’s already well toilet-trained – Sue has only noticed a couple of small puddles in the house so far.

Berry is a very inquisitive puppy and since he arrived at their home he has enjoyed exploring his new environment. He has just discovered a passion for newspapers, so Ron and Sue are trying to keep them out of his reach to avoid shredded paper all over the floor!

Berry isn’t a hugely food-mad dog, although his appetite seems to be growing. He is much more interested in what the other two dogs are eating and wants to try some of their dinner.

Training Progress:  

Berry will soon start attending puppy classes at our training centre in Buckinghamshire. His trainer Kelly will work with him over the next few months, teaching him some of the skills and basic obedience that will be required as he progresses to advanced training.

Berry is already showing signs of being a fast learner, having started to pick-up some basic commands such as ‘sit’ and ‘down’. He enjoys the company of dogs and people so he will, no doubt, enjoy attending puppy classes.

Watch Berry's video: 

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